• Wraith Trilogy

    Wraith - the first book in the Wraith TrilogyEvan Crouch is dead and he’s not happy about it.

    Days after a boozy reunion with some formerly-close friends, Evan’s body is found washed up on a beach. Despite a patchy memory of his inebriated last few hours, Evan knows his death wasn’t an accident – someone within the once-tight group of friends has a secret worth killing for.

    The Wraith Trilogy

    Starting with Wraith (available autumn 2012), the Wraith Trilogy is a fast-paced supernatural thriller. Comical and chilling by turns, with a cast of memorable characters, the series combines the relationships of David Nicholls’s One Day, the black humour of Glen Duncan’s The Last Werewolf and the plotting of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

    Where to purchase

    Wraith will be available in the following formats:

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